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Mausoleums are sacred places reflecting and respecting the traditions of individual customs and religions.

The death of a loved one is a time for many people to look to the past, to the ways of their ancestors and home country - a time when they feel the need for their traditional customs to be observed.

NORWALK have a range of tailored solutions to best fit the needs of both the cemetery and the individual.

NORWALK CEMETERY TRUST MAUSOLEUMS are for cemeteries whose clients desire a mausoleum style interment, but do not have a need for their own private mausoleum.

NORWALK PRIVATE MAUSOLEUMS are for people who desire an interment which is tailored to suit their personal culture, customs, and traditions. These may be arranged through the cemetery or directly through NORWALK.

MODULAR SINGLE CRYPTS can be supplied ready to fit into Private mausoleums to ensure compliance with Australian Standards.

To better help you, NORWALK has a Design and Construct Service for both cemeteries and individuals to take the headache out of building your mausoleum - giving you complete confidence the finished building will comply with all relevant Australian Standards.