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Norwalk were the first to introduce pre-cast concrete burial vaults to Australia and we
remain a proven innovator in the field of cemetery and crematoria products.
Our range includes:
- Norwalk Burial Vaults
- Norwalk Grave Crypt Liners
- Norwalk Cremated Remains Containers (Below Ground)
- Norwalk Modular Single Crypts (for Mausoleums)
- Norwalk Private Mausoleums
With over 30 years experience, Norwalk is committed to supplying the highest quality
pre-cast concrete products to the Cemeteries and Crematoria industry.

Norwalk continually liaises with Cemetery Managers, Trusts, Monumental Masons and
their clients to keep ahead of changing requirements and to maintain our market
Please contact us for more information on how Norwalk can assist you.